Now in its 34th year, the Training Industry Report is recognized as the training industry’s most trusted source of data on budgets, staffing, and programs. This year, the study was conducted by an outside research firm May-July 2015, when members from the Training magazine database were e-mailed an invitation to participate in an online survey. Only U.S.-based corporations and educational institutions with 100 or more employees were included in the analysis.

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To Innovate, Think Like a 19th-Century Barn Raiser

Barn-raising, a practice popularized by 19th-century U.S. farming communities, accomplishes several things. Most obviously, it quickly creates a barn where one hadn’t stood before. Less obviously — but perhaps more importantly — it leverages community intelligence to produce the best barn design possible, and also creates and reinforces collaborative connections crucial for success in farming communities. 

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How learning and development are becoming more agile

According to executives surveyed by the Collaborative, access to difficult-to-find technical or functional expertise, speed, flexibility, and innovation are the top five drivers of using talent outside your organization.

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